is a Norwegian graphic designer based in London, UK.

Studio 3015
is a creative and educational space situated physically within Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton.
  • Studio 3015
  • Website
  • 2016

Landing page designed and built in cooperation with Fourm.

is a topographic map of Prestebakke GNR 235 BNR 1 featuring names that do not appear on official maps, but have been added on by hunters and various locals.
  • Self-initiated
  • Plywood Topographic Map
  • 2015

The majority of the unofficial names have been added on to improve location accuracy when hunting moose in the area. Sometimes the names are as specific as a single stone and are often linked up with being a hunting post. This way it's much easier to locate the prey when communcating over a radio, and they have proven to be crucial in situations where you only have a few seconds to pull the trigger.

The cutouts was made by tracing official maps to export an outline to a lasercutter which could then cut the shapes out of plywood. By using woodglue the puzzle was stuck together and screwed into a sheet of acrylic. The 'water' however was stuck on with superglue straight onto the clear acrylic.

is a documentation of the 1969 Moon landing featuring several iconic moments of the space flight, landing and return as well as exploring the legacy it has left behind. Through a series of inserts it describes some of the spin-off technologies and inspired creations from the space race and the Moon landing. It compliments the main content which tells the story of the space flight through key moments of the Apollo 11 mission. The transcript from the mission has been linked to the many Hasselblad images taken on the flight, giving context to the breathtaking images. This was made possible with the help from the Apollo Flight Journal by David Woods, Ken MacTaggart and Frank O'Brien.
  • GF Smith — 'Legacy' Exhibition
  • Publication
  • 2015
is a new social enterprise creating a line of travel accessories inspired by the Mumbai slum of the same name. It targets young environmentally friendly travelleres on a budget who are looking to make their journey smooth and stress free.
  • Dharavi
  • Branding
  • 2015

Dharavi is the largest slum in Asia, home to approximately 1 million people living in 200 acres of space. It is also a centre for industry, with an estimated $650 million passing through its factories and workshops annually.

It is often remarked that in Dharavi "nothing is wasted" as industry is focused on reusing and repurposing that which has been thrown away. For example, leftover soap from surrounding hotels is melted down and sold as clothing detergent; old paint tins are cleaned, repainted and sold back to paint manufacturers and when they can no longer be used they are flattened to make tin roofs.

The brand is inspired by this process, and tries to communicate this through its never ending logo, and deconstructed wordmark pattern.

Logomark development.

Deconstructed pattern made from the wordmark.
Product mockup of proposed recycled travel bag.

Das Neue Zahlensystem
is a numeral system that is based on the change of direction. There can be several numerals for a number, but just one number for a numeral. 'Das Neue Zahlensystem' is a numeral system created with geometric shapes which represents a numeric value.
  • Winchester School of Art
  • Experimentation
  • 2014

Combining the fully connected numerals with the open ones will create numbers in between tens. You can also exclude the connected numeral to create 1-9.